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Contributing to the Arctic Coasts Gallery

How to contribute:

There are two ways of contributing your images to the Arctic Coasts Gallery: by joining the Flickr group, or by email. A picture says a thousand words, but with metadata you can understand the meaning of those words. A part of your image file called the exif header can store such metadata and photographs included in the ACD Galleries must have the following information embedded:

Title: add author information and a short descriptive title

Tags: Some keywords

Comments: an image description here

Copyright: it would be great if your photos had a Creative Commons license

Latitude, Longitude: absolutely a must!


Although you can enter these information manually to each file, throught the file properties, there are a number of easy to use programs that make it easier to enter these information into your picture (e.g. PhotoMEPicasaFlickr, etc.).

ACD uses Flickr to host the galleries. If you have imagery on Flickr you would like to include in our galleries, just ask to join the Arctic Coasts Image Gallery. You may also submit your images by e-mail (49 MB max).


We look forward to your contributions, and please contact us with any questions.

Your ACD team


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