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Day, Jonathan; Hodges, Kevin;

Abstract Cyclones play an important role in the coupled dynamics of the Arctic climate system on a range of time scales. Modeling studies suggest that storminess will increase in Arctic summer due to enhanced land?sea thermal contrast along the Arctic coastline, in a region known as the Arctic Frontal Zone (AFZ).

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Uotila, Petteri; Goosse, Hugues; Haines, Keith; Chevallier, Matthieu;

An assessment of ten ocean reanalyses in the polar regions.

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Køltzow, Morten A. Ødegaard;

Presentation at Arctic Frontiers about high resolution Arctic NWP.

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Mohammadi-Aragh, Mahdi; Goessling, H.F.; Losch, M.; Hutter, N.; Jung, T;

The field of Arctic sea ice prediction on “weather time scales” is still in its infancy with little existing understanding of the limits of predictability. This is especially true for sea ice deformation along so-called Linear Kinematic Features (LKFs) including leads that are relevant for marine operations.

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Halldór Jóhannsson;

This report concerns Deliverable D7.1 Website including online tool for end-user feedback. The report provides a short description of the official project website and its main parts. In Annex N°1 one can find the current web tree and screen-shots of pages of the website.

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