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D1.2 - Provision of process-focused and user-relevant metrics through ESMValTool
D2.1 - Demonstrator of a fully coupled SCM
D6.2 - Data catalogue and services
D6.3 - Provision of guidance material and tools for effective data management
D6.4 - Start with the archiving and dissemination of YOPP Analysis and Forecast Dataset
D7.1 - Website including online tool for end-user feedback
D7.11 - First summary report of stakeholder interaction activities
D7.13 - Report on the Polar Prediction School 2018 and provision of FrostByte videos
D7.2 - Communication and Dissemination Plan
D7.5 - Dissemination materials 1
D7.6 - Dissemination materials 2
D8.1 - Invite coordinators of relevant projects to the YOPP planning meetings
D8.2 - Invite coordinators of BG-09 and other BG-10 projects to become members of external Advisory Board in APPLICATE
D8.4 - Update to the Clustering Plan to reflect specific clustering strategy with projects funded under H2020-BG08-2016 and H2020-BG10
D8.5 - Report from US CLIVAR working group meeting including recommendations for adjustments to the WP3 part of the APPLICATE numerical experimentation plan
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