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The APPLICATE Case Studies are a series of self-explaining short documents covering a wide range of project relevant topics in Arctic research, polar prediction and how Arctic environmental changes affect mid-latitudes.

APPLICATE develops case studies to show the use of weather, climate and sea ice forecasts in the case of specific events with a significant impact on certain sectors or communities.

The events analyzed in the case studies are selected together with users in User Group meetings, in thematic workshops, or through interviews.

Once the topic is decided, collaboration is established between the working group, composed of a few users directly related to the particular case study, and the project scientists.

Project results and developed case studies are communicated to various audiences (including European policymakers) in a concise way as short communication materials.

Each case study has a dedicated forum for communication with stakeholders. All relevant participation and comments are welcomed. Please see communication and information on how to participate in the forums under each case study. You can also communicate with us through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

New case studies will be developed on additional topics identified by stakeholders and become available here.

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