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100s of Swedish potatoes, 10s of delicious cinnamon rolls, 29 enthusiastic students, 26 fascinating lectures, 13 excellent lecturers, 10 hands-on practicals, 7 kind sponsors, 1 brilliant training school!

Have a Pint of Science!

Isadora and Dragana from Barcelona Supercomputing Centre (BSC) talk about new trends in climate change adaptation and innovation. The Pint of Science festival aims to deliver interesting and relevant talks on the latest science and research in an accessible format to the public, mainly across bars and pubs.

In the new article for the Polar Prediction Matters feedback platform, the authors Rick Thoman and Machiel Lamers report on the different perspectives presented by Europeans from different shipping sectors operating in Arctic waters.

by M. Mohammadi-Aragh, H. F. Goessling, M. Losch, N. Hutter & T. Jung was published by Nature on April 25.2018

The spring issue of the YOPP newsletter PolarPredictNews #06 is now available.

A special issue in the Journal of Geophysical Research entitled ‘Bridging Weather and Climate: Subseasonal-to-Seasonal (S2S) Prediction' is open for submissions from May 1, 2018 to April 29, 2019. The special issue has been initiated by the S2S working group.

In a paper now published in Geophysical Research Letters, British climate scientists Jonny Day and Kevin Hodges find that Arctic warming will increase both the number and intensity of storms in Arctic summer.

The MOSAiC team invites you to the upcoming "Advancing MOSAiC Science" workshop from May 28th - June 1st 2018 at the Alfred Wegener Institute in Potsdam, Germany. The aim of the workshop is to continue strengthening the links between MOSAiC science objectives and the specific plans for observing, modeling, and synthesis activities. We invite participation from MOSAiC participants, partners, and stakeholders.

With great pleasure we announce the launch of a Virtual Special Issue (VSI) on Hydroclimatic Extremes in the prominent Journal Advances in Water Resources (CiteScore: 4.53, 5-yr Impact Factor: 4.37).

The Sixth Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP6) panel has endorsed a set of experiments designed by APPLICATE Work Package 3 (WP3) on Arctic-midlatitute linkages aimed at investigating the causes and consequences Polar amplification.