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Warming at almost twice the global average rate, the Arctic is a key region for understanding wider climate change impacts. Mitigation and adaptation strategies in the Arctic are thus an integral part of the EU’s wider efforts to combat climate change and to implement the Paris Agreement. This session will provide up-to-date and policy-relevant information on Arctic change and its global implications, including thawing permafrost, the contribution of melting glaciers and ice sheets on the global sea level, the influence of the Arctic on the global oceans, and changing weather patterns. Participants will also gain insight on the expected impact of the EU’s investment in current research projects.

  • Prof Jonathan Bamber (Moderator), President of the European Geosciences Union (UK)
  • Dr Andrea Tilche, Head of Unit Climate Action and Earth Observation, DG RTD EC (Belgium)
  • Dr Jeremy Wilkinson, British Antarctic Survey (UK)
  • Dr Sebastian H. Mernild, Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center
  • Dr Margareta Johannsson, Lund University (Sweden)
  • Dr Dirk Notz, MPI Hamburg (Germany)

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