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The position is affiliated to the Development Center for Weather Forecasting, a department at MET Norway. The vacant position is related to the recently funded EU project SALIENSEAS (Enhancing the Saliency of Climate Services for Marine Mobility Sectors in European Arctic Seas (1)). It is an international and interdisciplinary project and the postdoc will be central in the development of user-relevant climate service products.

The Development Centre for Weather Forecasting has 41 researchers and development meteorologists. The main responsibilities of the Development Center for Weather Forecasting are: The development and production of data, products and services in cooperation with and for state agencies and municipalities; being responsible for geophysical development and operation of the Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) value chain; being responsible for the development of and; contributing to the development of MET's production chains in the context of the department's free data policy; contributing to the development of services and user interfaces for internal users; and conducting research on NWP. Generally, the work is organized in projects, often multidisciplinary involving meteorologists, IT and communication experts, and carried out in collaboration with national and international partners and is largely funded externally. The latter ensures that project results have high quality and relevance, and are competitive.

Areas of work

The rapid warming in the Arctic has profound socio-economic consequences. Current and expected climatic changes (declines in sea ice cover) in the Arctic are propelling growth in marine mobile activities, such as shipping, tourism and fisheries. Maritime sectors and actors are demanding more accurate and salient Arctic weather and climate predictions, which put great expectations on our current global and regional forecasting and communication systems.

MET Norway is a partner in the EU project SALIENSEAS with its main goals:

  • To understand the mobility patterns, constraints, challenges, decision-making contexts and information needs of end-users in different European Arctic marine settings and sectors;
  • To develop and apply participatory tools for co-producing salient climate services with Arctic marine end-users;
  • To co-develop user-relevant and sector specific climate services and dissemination systems dedicated for Arctic marine end-users by demonstration of seamless weather-to-climate Arctic climate services tailored to key social, environmental and economic needs.

The SALIENSEAS project will bring together a team of social and natural scientists, met-ocean service personnel, and end-users in an iterative research and co-production process. Stakeholders and end-users will be directly involved in the project, both as advisors in the project management and as respondents and participants in end-user workshops. We will adopt cutting edge and partly in-house developed concepts and methodologies for effectively co-producing knowledge and knowledge systems as an overall approach to the project and as part of the work packages. SALIENSEAS has already been endorsed as a key contributing project in the implementation plans of the Year of Polar Prediction, which creates excellent opportunities for extending the approach and communicating the lessons learned beyond the current European scope of the project.

The successful candidate will be central in the development of end-user focused climate services, using statistical methods and a number of different global sub-seasonal and seasonal forecasting systems. This involves developing statistical methods, analyzing predictability of Arctic weather and sea ice conditions, and ideas in the field of weather and climate service product design. The work is in close collaboration with researchers in the Development Center for Weather Forecasting, R&D Department and the Norwegian Ice Service. Coordination meetings with Arctic operators and European project partners are planned throughout the project.

MET Norway has Norwegian as a working language. All applicants must have good written and oral English proficiency, and foreign applicants must be willing to learn Norwegian. Training courses will be provided.

The candidate should

  • Develop statistical methods for prediction of weather, sea ice and climate in the Arctic
  • Contribute to the dissemination of weather and climate services in the Arctic
  • Contribute to scientific publications
  • Contribute to the analysis of geophysical data
  • Attend collaborative national and international meetings
  • Strengthen MET Norway’s expertise for weather and climate prediction in the High North


  • Higher education on PhD level in geophysics, physics, applied mathematics or equivalent
  • Experience and proven knowledge in scientific programming within the Linux environment are required
  • Expertise and interest in statistical models are an advantage
  • Expertise and interest in polar meteorology and climate are an advantage
  • Experience in presenting weather or ice- service products are an advantage
  • Solution and result oriented
  • Good interpersonal skills and ability to work independently
  • Experience from project work
  • Good communication skills, orally and writing

Working conditions

  • good working environment
  • professional challenges in a modern, technological environment
  • salary as scientist on the governmental salary scales dependent on qualifications and experience
  • membership in the governmental pension fund (2% deducted from gross salary), one of the best pension funds in Norway
  • the first 6 months is a mutual trial period

It is a human relations objective that the staff should reflect the population composition of Norway in general, both with regard to gender and cultural diversity.

Further information can be obtained from Director of Development Center for Weather Forecasting Dr. Jørn Kristiansen (Tel. +47 46420054; Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)