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Clarion Hotel The Edge - Arbeidskontoret 1, Tromsø, Norway


12:30 = Introduction
12:35 =

  • Topic 1: How can improved operational weather and ocean (including sea ice) as well as climate forecast support for safer operations in the Arctic?
  • Topic 2: Is co-developing new services, products and technologies for safe operations and improved joint monitoring in the Arctic Ocean the way forward for improving cooperation between ship operators, research institutions and local communities?
  • Topic 3: How can we reduce the overall environmental footprint and prevent negative environmental impacts in the Arctic?

12:55 = Parallel roundtable discussions on the three topics
13:45 = Conclusions - feedback from roundtable discussions


  • Halldór Jóhannsson: Director of Arctic Portal, Iceland. Lead of the communication group of the EU Arctic Cluster.
  • Stein Sandven: Director of the Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center, Norway. Coordinator of the INTAROS project.