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APPLICATE’s data strategy involves three main components. Firstly, all partners are provided access to a common data storage and analysis facility that includes compute nodes and preinstalled software tools. Secondly, part of the model data is publicly available and easily accessible following standard formats used by the community. Data is made available through application servers and metadata describing the data is searchable and exposed for harvest by relevant data management frameworks. Finally, APPLICATE will maximize the impact of these data through publications in data journals, provision on operational centre portals, and making the data visible through the YOPP Data Portal.

A Data Management Plan is in place based on the EU H2020 FAIR Data Management Plan (DMP) template designed to be applicable to any EU H2020 project that produces, collect or processes research data. This is the same plan as European Open Research Data Pilot OpenAIRE is referring to in their guidance material.  The purpose of the Data Management Plan is to describe the data that will be created and how, as well as the plans for sharing and preservation of the data generated. This plan is a living document that will be updated during the project.

APPLICATE follows a metadata-driven approach where a physically distributed number of data centres are integrated using standardised discovery metadata and interoperability interfaces for metadata and data. The APPLICATE Data portal, providing a unified search interface to all APPLICATE will also be able to host data. APPLICATE promotes free and open access to data in line with the European Open Research Data Pilot (OpenAIRE).