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A framework for connecting physically distributed data centres into a unified unit has been implemented and put in operation for APPLICATE. This provides mechanisms for documenting data, searching for data, accessing data, transforming data and visualising data. The APPLICATE Data Portal and accompanying services are available through

A post processing environment (PPE) has also been set up. Details of the setup, how access and use it as well as interaction with the support team is provided through A dedicated issue tracker is set up to support users of the infrastructure. The PPE has tools for working with data (including ESMValTool), both for data preparation and analysis of data.

APPLICATE is following a distributed data management approach similar to Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service (CMEMS) and Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF) where data are managed by a set of physically distributed data centres that are connected.

In order to connect the distribute data centres into a unified system, discovery metadata are used. Discovery metadata are like library index cards describing books, but in this context datasets and how to access the datasets.

The APPLICATE Data Portal and services are up and running and can be used as an efficient tool to find and assess data. Work is ongoing to make it more reliable and robust, but also new functionality is under development. In particular support for time series at weather stations and radiosoundings are currently under development. This will add some more backend services to the system.

Visit the Data Portal

Below is a schematic overview of the system set up for APPLICATE data management.