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NumberTitleWP numberLead beneficiaryDue Date (month)Status
D8.1 Invite coordinators of relevant projects to the YOPP planning meetings WP8 1 - AWI 1 Submitted
D8.2 Invite coordinators of BG-09 and other BG-10 projects to become members of external advisory board in APPLICATE WP8 1 - AWI 1 Submitted
D7.1 Website, incl. online tool for end-users feedback WP7 13 - AP 2 Submitted
D9.1 Minutes of the annual General Assemblies 1 WP9 1 - AWI 2 Submitted
MS4 Final design of coordinated multi-model numerical experiments in liaison with the international community WP3 7 - Met Office 2 Achieved
D8.3 Draft clustering plan WP8 1 - AWI 3 Submitted
D8.4 Update the clustering plan to reflect specific clustering strategy with projects funded under EU H2020- BG09-2016 and BG10-2016 WP8 1 - AWI 3 Submitted
D9.2 Manual, guide & templates for deliverables and reporting WP9 1 - AWI 3 Submitted
MS7 Database downloaded WP5 2 - BSC 3 Achieved
D1.1 Model assessment plan WP1 1 - AWI 4 Submitted
D8.5 Provide report from US CLIVAR Working Group meeting including recommendations for adjustments to the WP3 part of the APPLICATE numerical experimentation plan WP8 1 - AWI 4 Submitted
D8.6 Update the clustering plan to reflect specific joint clustering activities with projects funded under earlier EU H2020 and FP7 calls WP8 1 - AWI 5 Submitted
D9.3 Risk Management Plan, including potential risks and mitigation measures WP9 1 - AWI 5 Submitted
D6.1 Data management plan WP6 6 - MET Norway 6 Submitted
D7.2 Communication and dissemination plan WP7 13 - AP 6 Submitted
D7.3 User-engagement plan WP7 13 - AP 6 Submitted
D7.4 Training plan WP7 14 - UiT 6 Submitted
D7.5 Dissemination materials 1 WP7 13 - AP 6 Submitted
D9.4 Gender Strategy WP9 1 - AWI 6 Submitted
MS17 Network of coordinators WP8 1 - AWI 6 Achieved
D8.7 Provide draft concept for a joint YOPP- APPLICATE summer school including a list of possible co-sponsors WP8 1 - AWI 7 Submitted
MS10 Start of social media campaign on Facebook and Twitter WP7 13 - AP 7 Achieved
MS18 Consolidated Clustering Plan WP8 1 - AWI 9 Achieved
MS11 First meeting of User Group WP7 13 - AP 10 Achieved
D1.2 Provision of process- focused, user-relevant and Arctic linkages metrics through ESMValTool WP1 1 - AWI 12 Submitted part on process-focused and user-relevant metrics. Part on Arctic linkages to be submitted as additional deliverable (D1.9) by month 24 (October 2018)
D6.2 Data catalogue and services WP6 6 - MET Norway 12 Submitted
D6.3 Provision of guidance material and tools for effective data management WP6 6 - MET Norway 12 Submitted
D5.1 Simulation carried out with the models available at the beginning of APPLICATE (Task 5.2.2) and following the protocol described in Task 5.1, completed and made available within the consortium WP5 2 - BSC 12 Rescheduled for month 23 (Sept 2018)
MS1 Enhanced version of ESMValTool available WP1,WP2,WP3,WP5 1 - AWI 12 Achieved
D7.6 Dissemination matrials 2 WP7 13 - AP 13 Submitted
MS9 Set up YOPP Analysis and Forecast Dataset infrastructure WP6 6 - MET Norway 15 Achieved
MS12 1st Strategic meeting of WP7 - revision of communicaiton and dissemination, user engagement, and training plans WP7 13 - AP 17 Achieved
D2.1 Demonstrator of a fully coupled SCM WP2 10 - SU 18 Submitted
D6.4 Start with the archiving and dissemination of YOPP Analysis and Forecast Dataset WP6 3 - ECMWF 18 Submitted
D7.11 First summary report of stakeholder interaction activities WP7 2 - BSC 18 Submitted
D8.8 First report on the content and extent of the joint activities with collaborators from the USA and Canada WP8 1 - AWI 18 Submitted
D9.5 Minutes of the annual General Assemblies 2 WP9 1 - AWI 18 Submitted
MS2 Coupled ocean-sea ice-atmosphere SCM ready for parameter optimisation studies WP2 10 - SU 18 Achieved